7 ways to wear your sarong

 1. Cross over wrap top -

Fold sarong in half, place sarong at back and cross over at the front, tie at back of neck to secure.



2. Head wrap - 

Fold sarong in half, place the middle of the sarong at the back on the head, pull along together including your hair and twist the sarong until it becomes tight like a rope then coil on top on your head in a comfortable manner. Secure by tucking the ends of the sarong into the coil or use a large hair tie to secure.

Cacao om sarong, head wrap 



3. Beach towel - 

Wear your sarong to the beach as a skirt and use it as a beach towel. Sarong fabric is light weight and quick drying so you can put it back on as a skirt once your ready to leave the beach.

Papaya om sarong - beach towel



4. Wrap Dress - 

Simply hold one corner of the sarong at your chest and wrap the sarong around your body until two corners meet and tie corners together to secure.

Jungle om sarong - wrap dress



5. Halter neck wrap dress - 

Place the sarong behind you, holding each corner, wrap around body, twist the two ends of the sarong together tightly making a rope, then secure at the back of the neck with a knot tie.



6. Shawl -

Use your sarong as a shawl or covering during hot days for protection from the sun.

Lavender on sarong



7. Two sarongs combo -

Halter top; Fold sarong in half, place sarong at back and cross over at the front, tie at centre and tie at back of neck.

Wrap mini skirt - Fold sarong in half, hold one corner on the sarong at hip and wrap around body until corners meet and tie at side hip.


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