Who made my clothes 
 Snakes and Shanti items are real hand made products – they come with all of the natural imperfections of a product made by human hands.
No two items are the same, each piece is unique.
No computerized machines are used for the embroidery.
No mass production will ever be involved in the process.
Lots of love and positive energy is added into the making of Snakes and Shanti creations.
I do hope you love them in return and keep them until they are old and worn.
Snakes and Shanti is 100% sweatshop free.
Who made my t-shirt 
Talents of many different human hands have made your t-shirt.
The 100% cotton t-shirts are made by a local family that supply too many of the local shops and embroidery tailors in Kathmandu Nepal.
The t-shirts are then taken to Ashad's little shop in Kathmandu to be embroidered.
Ashad first hand draws the design on to the fabric, then sews them on by hand machine.
The technique of embroidering by hand machine is an art form that is slowly decreasing due to the implementation of computerised machines. I wish to help keep this traditional art thriving.
Meet Ashad 
Ashad is of Indian origin who spends most of his time living in Kathmandu, Nepal running his embroidery shop.
 Ashad is a father of 5 Children.
2017 - When I first met Ashad in Nepal and we started working together.