5 Life Questions with Cei Aeonn @__undone

What do you spend your days doing etc ..

I am a creative which spills out in so many ways through expression, photography, movement, painting, loving, teaching.  

I am a yoga, breath-work & embodiment teacher, a deep feeler, and an infinitely big juicey work in progress. 

1. What inspires you to create ? 

Nature, the movement of things, the senses, this wondrous breathing body, the nuances ~ pains & joys of this insanely non linear journey through life, intimacy, ritual, the incredibly diverse unique expression of each individual & culture, colours, light, music, words oh words! 

The fact that what we all create feeds into this collective collision of infinite creation & that art has no limits and is everywhere if you open to it. 

Healing, my own, others & the power that creating holds to walk each other home.

2. Favourite way to spend a day when you are alone?

Very very slow, just being in a patch of sun for hours, cooking for hours, drawing oracles, introspection, dancing, creating.  Quiet & present. Moving, breathing, feeling.

If I’m out and about exploring something new, adventure bugging.  I really enjoy being in my own little world. Taking in a new view, art, a movement class or people watching. 

3. What is one thing you wish to experience before the end of life?

I want to feel every corner of this beautiful earth.  I want to keep travelling as much as possible. I actually often think about the old crone waiting for me and I know she just says live, go! explore, make mistakes, don’t play by the rules.  Run & howl until the end.


4. Where is your happy place? 

By a twinkling calm body of water, with nothing to do but be.  Add flowers & trees & spontaneous organic music & food & endless hours to revel in it all & I’m one happy lady.

Or on the road to the unknown.  I love the beginnings of a new adventure, when you’re on the road and the world is at your fingertips.

5.Top 3 books that changed your life? 

I. Women who run with wolves ~ will always be like a bible to me

II. If Women rose rooted ~ very similar but really spoke to my Celtic roots

 III. There’s also this book from my childhood that I can’t remember the name of but it’s about a girl who disguises herself in order to become a knight and I honestly think about it all the time. The adventure of it, the breaking of expectations to follow her souls true calling.. 

also poetry books!

• I am her Danielle Dobey

• The Prophet by Khalil Gibran 

• Ok that’s more than 3!