A letter from the Founder - Shanti

I just wanted to reintroduce myself for those of you when are new to Snakes and Shanti and for those that have been here awhile.
I wanted to share a some intimate photos and some background story for you to better connect with Snakes and Shanti.

My names Shanti; my parents names me Mary but I chose to change my name 2 years ago as I never felt like Mary was my name.
I was born in Australia, my Dad is Nepalese and my Mother is of Welsh roots.
I spent most of time between Nepal and Australia in my youngest years.

My most profound memories lay within the moments spent in Nepal.
My parents separated when I was 5.
After that I only visited Nepal one time when I was 9. After that I didn’t go back until I was a grown woman at the age of 28.
Reconnecting with my family in Nepal after 20 years of being apart has opened so many doors within my heart and soul.

I always felt there was a part of me missing.
Going home in 2017 healed me in so many ways and this lead me to start the creation of Snakes and Shanti
A big part of my heart and spirit will always be in Nepal. I will be finally be heading back there this year and I cannot wait to share my heart opening experience with you all.

Being one of the poorest’s countries in the world, It’s really important for me to be supporting Nepalese people as I know how hard life there can be there.
During the c-ovid lockdown Nepalese people really suffered with the lack of tourism which is their biggest source of income.
For instance the talented artist Ashad’s, sews all of the beautiful embroidery, has a family of 7 to support.

During the pandemi-c the sustaining work he had was just through the purchases you made via Snakes and Shanti.
Very slowly the tourists are returning to Nepal but it’s still far from being back to where it was.
I can’t wait to go back and grow Snakes and Shanti with you all and show you so much more of Ashad and all of the wonderful artists who create the pieces you love.
Thank you for being here and reading my letter. I wish to continue to spread love, connection and awareness that we are ALL ONE.

With love,

Shanti xx