When do you feel most alive and happy?

I’d definitely say the most vibrant moments in life are the ones spent immersed in the present, the moments where the mind quietens and you soak up each second.
I often find these moments when I’m deep in nature, painting the pictures of my mind on a canvas or writing/ recording a song, indulging in big belly laughs with my pals and loved ones, slouching into a book or performing on stage.
A good nudie swim also does the trick - anything that ignites that creative and inspiring flame or pushes me beyond my comfort.

    What has been one of your biggest life changing/ awakening moments thus far ? 


    Oooh I like this one, I’d have to say one of my greatest shifts so far would have to have been the ‘soul quest’ retreat I spontaneously booked solo early last year.
    I packed a light bag and headed out for a 3 day stay with 20 or so strangers.
    It was a big few days, a lot more transformative than I ever could have anticipated. It was the very first time in a long time I felt the pull to live through my heart and out of my ever so chatty mind. We practiced rebirthing breath work, cacao ceremony’s, ecstatic dance and yoga, waking before the sun.
    This really kickstarted getting to know my shadow self on a more intimate level and it’s been a hell of a ride since haha.
    Always growing, always learning. Life is whacky n wonderful.

    Tell us  a little about your personal style, does it change depending on your moods?

    I’ve always had such an excitement surrounding fashion, it’s always been my greatest form of self expression. Being an identical twin I found it so liberating watching us get to the age where our individuality was reflected in our style and interests. I love shopping vintage and with small brands.
    I love playing with colour and accessories too. I’d say my style summed up in a phrase would be ‘whimsical witchy earth mama’ haha.
    My style is ever fluctuating which used to freak me out but I’m growing to love the inconsistency and lean in to the different moods I fall into. 

    It's your day off and you're spending it with yourself, doing all of your favourite things; What does this look like?

    Another fun one, hmm. I love a good slow day catching up on the fine print of life. Reviving a little ya knoww.
    I love a slow morning listening to my ‘bodies of water playlist’ while I clean my space.
    I love a good cleanse, a swim is always a beautiful addition to my mornings. I would probably head to my local forest, perch on a rock, indulge in fruit..pull a card or two n journal.
    Head home and run a bath surrounded by my candles ( colour gazing with these has been such a beautiful meditation for me ).
    I’d watch the sunset from my balcony and wrap up the night with a nostalgic movie & a warm spiced cacao or tea.


     What’s one thing you wish to experience before the end of this life?

     I really hope to leave this life feeling complete embodiment. Feeling although I’ve lived a life full of the things that bring me joy.
    In terms of a bucket list goal I’d really love to have visited Frida Kahlo’s house in Mexico City & I also really hope to have given my dreams a good crack !
    That’s fulfilling enough to me ;) 




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