Snakes and Shanti

Bodhi seed Mala prayer beads

$50.00 $90.00

This premium Mala is made with 108 Bodhi seeds. Each mala has a brass lotus pendant attached  

This small collection was custom made for Snakes and Shanti at the Buddhist temple - Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu Nepal. 
The Malas where then blessed in the temple by the holy smoke fire. You will smell the smoke in the beads. 

Bodhi trees are indigenous to Nepal and the Himalayan region. Their seeds have distinct eye patterns that occur naturally on them, and have been historically used for making malas. 

Bodhi seeds are considered to be spiritually potent and therefore used during prayer and meditation.

The Dalia Lama has also advised that Mala beads made from Bodhi seeds to be the best type to use for Meditation. 

This special piece is something you will use and treasure for life and hopefully be passed down the line of friends and family over time.


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