5 Life Questions with Gabriela Bechara - @g.abrie7a

1. What would your perfect day look like?

My perfect day is waking up early, eating lots of fruits for breakfast and getting my bum to the beach!! Staying there until the sunset, go home and take the *best* shower ever and obviously take the little after beach nap! Getting ready, putting on my fav outfit and go out with my girlsss!


2. What is your favourite thing about living on the remote Brazilian island Bahia?

I think its being able to be so close to nature itself its already rewarding enough, but actually being able to feel it and hear it and be a part of it, its the best feeling ever! Taking a 2 minute walk to arrive on a perfect beach and just living life!

3. What has been one of your biggest life changing/ awakening moments thus far?

Realising that once you put your head in the game and believe in your potential to be a better person everyday, you become a better person. Whatever you put your mind into, happens! I realised that last year when I traveled to Colombia and I was in the middle of the forest just living a scenario i always dreamt of! 

4. Tell us  a little about your personal style, does it change depending on your moods?

My style is 100% based off 2 things: my mood and mother nature’s mood!! If she’s happy then I’m happy! I love to dress good and feel comfortable at the same time! I would say my style if kind of basic because i prefer to have really good basic pieces i can style with everything than to have a closet full of things i’m gonna wear a few times! I think my pieces are perfect for all occasions!

5.  What’s one thing you wish to experience before the end of this life?

I really wanna see and experience the rest of the world and all its cultures and people it had!! I think it’s so crazy and curious how many different ways of living there is, i just wanna be able to experience and learn as many different things as possible!