5 Life Questions with Ambra Guiotto - @ambraguitto

5 Life Questions with Ambra Guiotto - @ambraguitto
1. What does your perfect day look like?

Wake up Early go to gym, get a coffee and read in the sun, have a swim in the ocean or waterfall, eat some fruit and head back to gym in the afternoon. Night time movies and a home cooked dinner.

2. Tell us about your experience as a model working with an agency vs working solo? 

Working solo I have been able to be selective and align naturally with companies and brands that have the same values as me. I have found freelance modelling more enjoyable and less restrictive than with an agency. I am able to build pure long lasting friendships and connections and I find clients feel the same way when they can connect with the model instead of an agency.
3. Tell us about your personal style? Does it change depending on your mood?

Absolutely, most days I’m feeling really feminine and bubbly and would opt for something flowy, playful and colourful! In winter or days that I want something more comfy and outgoing I love to wear streetwear. Being a content creator I have been able to build up a big wardrobe hahaha so I have an outfit for every mood! I’m self expressive and tend to not follow trends but rather wear what makes me happy. Jewellery is a big part of my culture and so I take pride and love accessorising all my outfits 😍
As I’ve grown older I’ve prioritised natural and sustainable clothing. Op shops or depop are helpful for this 😊
I tend to steer away from regular high end purchases and invest in them when I know I will use them for life.
4. What are your top 3 travel destinations and why?

Mexico (I’ve never been) but I have always been drawn to the beautiful nature, colours and food there. Australia honestly is one of my favourite countries without being bias, we have dessert, rainforest, beautiful crystal oceans and snow here!! The population being minimal means most of our beautiful land is untouched. Norfolk Island is an untouched gem that I fell in love with. It’s very self contained and organic. Fresh fruit and vegetables, the most beautiful sunsets, bright green lush pines and the cutest cows roam free on the island.
5. What is one thing you wish to experience before the end of this life?

I haven’t ever gave this much thought but the Northern lights (aurora borealis)